Secure, Reversible, Free Payments

Use SilverWire to perform free reversible payments on Ethereum.

The security of time

Reversible Ether (RETH)

"Someone should come along and issue an ERC20 called "Reversible Ether" that is 1:1 backed by ether but has a DAO that can revert transfers within N days." - Vitalik Buterin

Future ERC20 Token Support

We are adding support for ERC20 Tokens. We estimate this will be complete by early May.

Multi Wallet Support

Supported Wallets:

- MetaMask

- Cipher, Trust Browser, Toshi

- Ledger Nano

- Parity

Check out and make a payment!

Free Ethereum Network Transactions

How to use

1. Hook up a wallet

Make sure you have a working wallet that provides an Ethereum connection to Use any of the following wallets to access the site:

- MetaMask

- Cipher, Trust Browser, Toshi

- Ledger Nano

- Parity

If the site continues to load, try refreshing.

2. Set a recipient and an amount

Input the Ethereum account you are making a payment to, and then enter the amount of Ether you want to send.

Once you are ready to go, hit the Send button.

3. Confirm and sign the transaction

Confirm the payment. After clicking Confirm you should be prompted by your wallet to sign the transaction.